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Athlete Injuries

Athlete Injuries


Injury is one of the biggest concerns of professional athletes, especially. Compared to 10 years ago, the developments in sports health practices, the increase in the awareness of athletes, and the fact that sports clubs are making serious studies and investments in this area have also changed the approach to sports injuries.

Now, especially in professional branches, the goal after injury is not just recovery.

  • Faster recovery
  • Faster return to the field
  • Return to the field with high performance
  • Reducing the recurrence rate


The main purpose of Feman Clinic is to treat athlete's injuries in the fastest way to return to the field with the highest performance and to minimize the possibility of recurrence.

The factors that cause injury to athletes are divided into two groups as personal and environmental.


Personal Factors:

Posture Disorders (Posture Disorders): Humpback, waist cupping, flat feet, collapsed soles, length in extremities, shortness.
Sources of Infection: Sinusitis, flu, dental caries, rheumatism, sciatica.
Physical Incompatibility: Lack of development of motoric features: Also, age, not warming up well, not being ready.
Coordination Disorders: Especially the technique is defective, the muscles working with agonist and antagonist are unbalanced in terms of strength and length, and they have different characteristics.
Psychological Factors: Lack of concentration increases the risk of injury, as well as audience, coach, manager, media, environmental factors force the risk to be taken.
Fatigue: As a result of the studies, the waste of metabolism, that is, toxin substances, collected in the muscles and blood, and the decrease in the efficiency level of the athlete in terms of mental and physical activities is called fatigue. Sports fatigue; It is the decrease in the expected power by reaching the final capacity of the muscles. Fatigue is the slowing down of strength, speed and endurance, limited desire and abilities, thus causing certain areas to be forced and not injured as a result. The causes of fatigue are oxygen deficiency, atp, pc, emptying of glycogen stores, decrease in blood sugar, loss of water and salt, environmental factors, age, constitution, unbalanced nutrition, insomnia, various diseases, psychological disorders and lack of training.

Environmental Factors:

Ground: Grass, soil field, concrete, parquet etc. suitability and unsuitability of the field for sports.
Sports equipment: All kinds of materials used are inappropriate and incomplete.
Climate: Ice, rain, mud etc. conditions, doing sports activities, playing ball, running. Especially for outdoor sports.
Form of training: Warming up and cooling down should be done in accordance with the purpose. It must be fully and completely implemented.
Rules: General game rules. Referees' mismanagement, negligence, allowing excessive harshness, not dominating. Athletes not knowing or applying the rules of the game well. The referee's ignorance of mistakes, failure to apply the rules fairly to everyone.
Lack of education: Athletes, trainers, managers, health care team are not informed enough or cannot apply what they know.



  • Team level.
  • The importance of the competition.
  • Fear of being replaced by a substitute.
  • The attractiveness of the pyramid.
  • Covert doping.
  • The belief that it is irreplaceable.
  • Ignoring the injury.
  • Continuing to exercise without treatment after injury.
  • Showing off, family, fans, managers, don't risk playing to the audience.
  • Climatic conditions.
  • Uneven field and ground.
  • Insufficient material.

An important part of these physical, mental and self-discipline-related reasons can be eliminated by Feman Clinic experts with a multidisciplinary approach.


Within the Feman Clinic Athlete and Spine Health System, diagnosis and treatment services are provided for the following sports injuries.

  • Soft Tissue Injury
  • Joint Injury
  • Bone Injury
  • Tendon Injury



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