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Bad Breath Treatment





What are the Causes of Bad Breath?

The source of bad breath is usually the mouth. Gum diseases, dental calculus, salivary secretion anomalies, decaying teeth, neglect of oral care, accumulation of food residues between the teeth because dental floss is not used, and bacterial deposits on the tongue can cause bad breath. It is also known that diseases such as respiratory tract infection, stomach ulcer, reflux, kidney diseases, liver failure and diabetes are among the causes of bad breath. Regardless of all these factors, people who use tobacco and tobacco products, consume alcohol, and eat bad-smelling foods such as onions and garlic may also experience bad breath.




Bad Breath and Tongue Cleaning

One of the hidden factors that can cause bad breath is that the tongue hygiene is not adequately provided. The tongue naturally contains bacteria, and these bacteria deposits can cause bad breath when not cleaned. In order for oral and dental care to be carried out effectively, the sides and upper parts of the tongue should be cleaned properly. Tongue cleaning is of great importance in the prevention of halitosis and the treatment of halitosis.






Does Smoking Cause Bad Breath?

Of course, cigarettes change the bacterial flora in the mouth due to the dozens of chemicals it contains. It paves the way for the formation of gingival diseases, causing gingival bleeding and causing inflammation, resulting in bad breath. When these changes created by smoking are combined with the naturally bad smell of cigarettes, bad breath can become an inevitable problem.

Bad breath should not be taken lightly, those who have bad breath problems, which can also be a precursor of some diseases, should apply to dentists. We serve our patients with our experienced staff in the diagnosis and treatment of halitosis, and we detect all factors that trigger bad breath by performing comprehensive examinations.

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