What are the Causes of Calcification?
Calcification is a problem that occurs when the cartilage tissue surrounding your joints wears off. And if this tissue is completely eroded, it can come to the point of rubbing bone against bone.
Factors such as obesity, sports injuries, hereditary effects, excessive use of joints, and age cause calcification.

If you maintain your ideal weight, you can prevent calcification that may occur in your knees, hips and waist. In addition, weight loss can reduce the progression of osteoarthritis. The risk of developing osteoarthritis in sportsman injuries is quite high.

When there is an inherited problem caused by genes in cartilage production, it can cause these joints to deteriorate faster. In addition, excessive use of some joints greatly increases the risk of calcification.

As your age increases, the likelihood of you having a problem with osteoarthritis also increases at the same time.

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