Deformity Surgery

Deformity Surgery



Bone and limb deformities may occur after congenital diseases, bone development anomalies and previous traumas. Deformities in the limbs can cause serious limitations in the functions of the relevant region and in the daily activities of the patients.

Due to the complex 3-dimensional structure of the deformities, the treatment processes are long and it may not always be possible to achieve the desired ideal results.

In order to overcome these problems, intelligent fixator systems using advanced computer systems and analysis methods are used. This stabilizer, which is placed on the patient's bone to be corrected with the surgery, provides gradual improvement and it is possible for the patient to continue his daily activities during this process.

In the Department of Orthopedics and Traumatology, deformity surgery is performed with smart fixator devices using computer-assisted methods, so the desired results in deformity recovery can be achieved within the appropriate time frame.

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