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G Shot

G Shot
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Surgery Time

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The G Shot is an area on the anterior wall of the vagina that is very sensitive to touch or vibration, which is thought to be an area that triggers vaginal orgasm in women. The hyaluronic acid filler injected into the G Spot called “G Shot” was first introduced by Dr. It has been stated in some later studies by David Matlock that this filler increases the pleasure during sexual intercourse.

G shot filling is most commonly performed with hyaluronic acid fillings and is also known as "orgasm vaccine".

For centuries, the existence of an important region of high erotic sensitivity and engorgement in the female anterior vaginal wall has been mentioned. A large survey study showed that 84% of women believe they have such a sensitive area in their vagina.



Who is the orgasm vaccine suitable for?
Orgasm vaccine is especially preferred by women who have orgasm through masturbation, but cannot orgasm during intercourse with their partner or cannot get enough pleasure.
Orgasm vaccine is made to increase sexual pleasure and make it easier to have an orgasm. However, it is not suitable for women who have never had an orgasm throughout their life, even through clitoral masturbation.


G Shot: How to get an orgasm shot?
G-shot, also known as "orgasm vaccine", starts with a gynecological examination performed on the gynecological examination table. The inside of the vagina is evaluated with the external genital area and speculum examination. After making sure that there is no pelvic pathology and infection, the most sensitive area on the anterior wall of the vagina is detected.

Afterwards, a local anesthetic is injected into this area with a very fine-tipped needle. Then, hyaluronic acid (HA) injection is made.





Is there any risk in the orgasm vaccination procedure?
Although the orgasm vaccination process is a very reliable application, it should be done by experienced hands. Although rare, it involves some risks and complications. Complications such as overstimulation, urinary tract infection, incomplete evacuation of urine, fistula formation, wound formation (erosion) and infection, although very rarely, have been reported in the literature.

What should be considered after the G Shot process?
After the G-shot procedure, bleeding in the form of leakage, mild pain and discharge that does not require painkillers are normal. There is no need for any dressing or special care after the procedure. Afterwards, sexual intercourse is also free.

How long does the effect of the orgasm vaccine last?
According to the hyaluronic acid crosslink and viscosity, the effectiveness of the orgasm vaccine generally lasts between 6-12 months. In satisfied patients, the procedure can be safely repeated.

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