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GRP Treatment

GRP Treatment
Surgery Time

Surgery Time

45 – 60 Minutes
Hospital Stay

Hospital Stay

2 Hours



How is GRP Treatment Done?

Approximately 10 cc of blood is taken from the person. This blood is put into a tube containing a special liquid. In the centrifuge device, separation process is done for 10 minutes at 2000 rpm. At the end of the procedure, the platelets are separated from the plasma. The separated plasmas are taken back to a new tube and separated at 4000 rpm for a minute.

With tissue repairing growth factors, we obtain a serum that provides the formation of new vessels in the circulation for the repair and restructuring of the damaged tissue. By adding salmon DNA into this serum, according to the needs of the person; vitamins, amino acids, proteins, minerals are also added.

After the skin is cleaned, the area to be treated is disinfected. The area is anesthetized with anesthetic creams. This serum is given to the mesoderm layer in the problematic areas with very small micro needles. The remaining serum is given to the whole skin and massage is done to accelerate the blood flow of the skin. One of the most important stages is the mask stage. The mask to be used is important and it is aimed that the pores absorb this mask. After the mask application, a quality and correct sunscreen should be used.



In Which Areas Is GRP Treatment Applied?

Scar treatment, In opened pores, In body cracks, on hand, On the neck and décolleté, Lip wrinkle removal, to make up the face, In surgical scars, In skin blemish problems, Anti-wrinkle, In removing color inequality on the face, In preventing hair loss, For those who do not want surgical intervention for dark circles under the eyes.






Things to Consider After GRP Treatment

Some bruising may occur after the GRP procedure. This is a normal and temporary situation. You don't need to worry. If you still think that the bruises are too much, inform your specialist. Do not touch the treated area for 24 hours after the GRP treatment. If you have placenta-containing masks, apply them to your face every other day at night. After GRP treatment, you need to be protected from aggressive sun and solarium. Even if you don't go out, don't forget to use sunscreen. Drink plenty of water, avoid alcohol and smoking. Have protection sessions done every 6 months after your sessions are over.








To Whom Can GRP Treatment Be Applied/Not Applied?

GRP treatment; It is not applied to pregnant women, those with thrombocyte disease, those who are on their menstrual period, those with hemophilia, those with infectious diseases, those in the high allergy group, those under the age of 18, and cancer patients. GRP Treatment can be applied to both men and women apart from the above features.

How Many Sessions of GRP Treatment Should Be Applied?

Although GRP Treatment varies from person to person; 4-8 sessions can be applied. Session intervals; It should be arranged every 14-21 days.





Is GRP Treatment a Painful Procedure?

Before starting the GRP treatment, the disinfected skin is anesthetized with a local anesthetic cream and the pain level is minimized.


How Many Minutes Does GRP Treatment Take?

GRP Treatment takes between 60-80 minutes.

What is the Difference Between GRP Treatment and PRP Treatment?

In the GRP treatment, the blood taken from the patient is separated twice to obtain more effective and higher plasma. While nothing but the person's own blood is added to the PRP Treatment, salmon DNA and different mesotherapies are added to the serum obtained in the GRP treatment. GRP treatment offers more effective solutions than PRP.


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