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Neck - Jowl Filling

Neck - Jowl Filling
Surgery Time

Surgery Time

15-20 Minute
Hospital Stay

Hospital Stay

1 Hours


How Is Neck-Jowl Filling Made?

Filling is applied to remove wrinkles in the face and neck area. This process provides the recovery of sagging. Thus, the problems in the neck and jowl region are eliminated. Generally, filling procedures are carried out within the scope of aesthetic and plastic surgery.

In the filling process, local anesthesia is applied to the people. In this way, people can pass the procedure painlessly and painlessly. The neck and jowl filling process is based on a very short process. The process can be completed in approximately 30 minutes. In addition, during the intervention, the stretching method is applied to the people. By performing a stretching operation in the jowl area, sagging is eliminated. Along with this procedure, liposuction is also applied. The effect of the operations is very short-lived. In this way, people can return to their social lives whenever they want. In addition, no incision is made in the operation. In this way, an operation scar will not be seen in the neck and jowl region. Neck and jowl filling gives very successful results. In particular, it removes traces of aging in a single operation. The fact that people are satisfied with this application has also increased the popularity of the operation.

Wrinkles in the neck part are removed after the neck jowl filling. Especially the traces of aging are destroyed by filling. The swollen jowl becomes flatter. After the visible effect, people look as young as 10 years old. Wrinkle scars are smoothed and a healthy skin is obtained. Because aging scars and wrinkles make people look older than they are.

Thanks to the filling process, people can gain a younger appearance. People are seen to be weaker in jowl problem. Because, over time, people have jowl problems. This problem makes the person look old and overweight. The reason for this is the sagging of excess tissue in the jowl area. This problem is eliminated thanks to the neck and jowl filling.

The jowl becomes more tense. In this way, people stay away from the appearance of being overweight. The biggest benefit of neck fillers is to make people look younger. It can also optionally be applied only to the neck area.


Filling Treatment

Neck and jowl filling is ideal for people who want a non-surgical procedure. It is especially applied to people who are not suitable for plastic surgery operations. In the application, which is completely based on the filling process, the procedure is performed without surgery. In this way, people can return to their daily lives whenever they want. Neck and jowl filling is applied with radiofrequency energy. The substances used in the filling process fill the wrinkles. Thus, the neck of the people becomes flatter.

The filling process is not only effective in the neck and jowl area. In addition, it eliminates the volume deficiencies seen on the face. In this way, people feel rejuvenation starting from the neck to the face. Fillers are injected directly under the skin. Thanks to the fillers, the area with wrinkles is filled.


Thanks to the filling injection, the jowl problem is eliminated. With the elimination of the jowl problem, the chin part appears. Thanks to this process, the jaw line gets a V-shaped appearance. Both facial features become clear and wrinkles are eliminated. In short, the application has multiple advantages. Optionally, the size of the chin area can also be changed. Neck and jowl filling is one of the most ideal methods for these procedures. It is of great benefit, especially for people whose procedure was not painless.



To Whom Can Neck Jowl Filling Be Applied?

Sagging in the neck area is not only the signs of aging. In other words, age cannot be the only determinant of jowl problem. These problems can also be seen due to excess weight.

Such sagging problems can be encountered in both men and women. Because these problems are the problems that occur as a result of regional lubrication. People with excessive regional lubrication may also experience sagging in their youth. In addition, the jowl problem has a genetic feature. Neck and jowl filling can be applied to anyone who has these problems.

Women are most interested in this practice. But recently, men also apply to the filling process. Neck and jowl filling does not pose a health risk. In this way, it can be done as a painless application when desired. Filling process is easily applied to everyone who has these problems. In particular, the filling process is the choice of people who do not want to have a plastic surgery.

Age criterion is not sought in the filling process. Filling can be done to people over the age of 18. Since it is a painless application, it is among the first preferences of people.


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