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Salmon DNA Treatment

Salmon DNA Treatment
Surgery Time

Surgery Time

15-20 Minute
Hospital Stay

Hospital Stay

2 Hours







What is Salmon DNA?

Salmon DNA is applied by subcutaneous injection of polynucleotide DNA molecules and hyaluronic acid obtained from salmon sperm. When this special formula is injected into the skin, it rejuvenates the skin by helping to regenerate cells and reduce existing fine and medium wrinkles. It gives visible vitality, rejuvenation and shine to the skin. For this reason, it is also referred to as the youth vaccine.




Who Can Salmon DNA Be Done?

It can be applied to anyone who has no discomfort, who has completed its development and is over the age of 18, for all skin types, in all seasons.


Who Cannot Be Applied to Salmon DNA Vaccine?

Pregnant and lactating, Those who have blood clotting problems, Those who have infection in the application area, Those who use drugs that weaken the immune system (immunotherapy), Those who have a known allergy to the content used, Those with acne and/or active inflammatory disease.


How long is the permanence of the treatment?

This treatment, in which the effects begin to be seen immediately, generally lasts for 6-12 months. In addition, the youthful appearance of the skin continues for a long time with 2 treatments per year.





Where Can This Process Be Applied?

Salmon DNA is applied around the eyes, forehead, cheeks, chin, upper lips, neck, décolleté and back of the hand. In addition, it has been observed that it gives positive results when applied to those who gain and lose weight, stretch marks and scars that occur during pregnancy. It is also added to the content of mesotherapy in hair loss treatments. Excellent results are obtained with the Salmon DNA vaccine, which is an extremely innovative and creative process applied to make the skin appear glowing and improve skin quality in skin rejuvenation. The fact that the skin looks young, bright, tight and lively and that it can be done in all seasons is one of the most important reasons for choosing this method.









Skin Defects Where Salmon DNA is Applied;

Large pores on the skin, Skin spots caused by stress, air pollution, smoking, alcohol, sun rays, Skin deformations due to aging, Fine wrinkles on the face, Crow's feet wrinkles around the eyes, It is located as wrinkles on the lip (smoker line).

What are the innovations in the skin with the Salmon DNA Vaccine?

It strengthens, supports and moisturizes the skin structure. While observing a decrease in fine lines on the skin, it gives the skin firmness, shine and elasticity. It plays a key role in restructuring the skin, making it healthy, lively and smooth. After each session, the skin structure becomes stronger and its firmness and elasticity increase.




How Many Sessions of Salmon DNA?

Depending on the skin structure of the person and the needs of the skin, it is performed between 1 and 5 sessions and in 30-45 minutes. A cure consisting of 3 sessions is recommended for advanced skin deformations. Applications are made with an interval of 2 weeks, and the effects are seen from the next day. DNA is given in one session and hyaluronic acid is given in one session.

How Is Salmon DNA Made?

First of all, an anesthetic cream is applied to the patient to numb the area a little. Then, Salmon DNA is injected under the skin at certain points with the help of small needles. It is a painless and painless anti-aging procedure.

Can the person return to his/her life immediately after this application?

After the procedure, slight redness, spot bruising and tiny bumps may be seen on the skin, but it will go away on its own in a short time. Following this, the person can continue his daily life from where he left off. It is a process that can be done even in the afternoon while working.

Can this be done in conjunction with other methods?

Salmon DNA can be applied together with methods such as filler injections, laser, peeling and radiofrequency.



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