Sports Medicine

Sports Surgery

Sports Surgery


Sports surgery includes a series of techniques and methods that have evolved over time for faster and more effective treatment of muscle, joint and skeletal injuries.

Sports surgery applications performed by orthopedics and traumatology specialist surgeons are used in the treatment of all patients with similar disabilities, as well as the treatment of professional and amateur athletes, which is very important today.

Feman Clinic not only uses sports surgery techniques in the treatment of sports and sports injuries, but also plans the preparation and rehabilitation processes before and after surgery as a whole from a single source. In this way, it aims for patients to return to their daily routines as soon as possible and with the highest activity performance.


Arthroscopic (Closed) Surgery

Arthroscopy is a method that allows visual examination of the inside of the joints with fiberoptic devices, thus enabling the diagnosis and treatment of diseases and injuries that occur in the joint.

However, not every sports injury requires surgical treatment, and not every sports injury surgery is possible with the arthroscopic method. It may also require open surgical methods.

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