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Thread Face Lift

Thread Face Lift
Surgery Time

Surgery Time

45 – 60 Minutes


Local Anesthesia
Hospital Stay

Hospital Stay

2 Hours


Thread facelift is a non-surgical aesthetic approach using surgical threads. With the threads placed under the skin, the skin is tightened and sagging is removed and it is provided to a young and lively appearance. Thread facelift application is also named in many different ways. Examples of these are v-lift, ultra-v lift, spider web aesthetics, thread lift, thread face rejuvenation, non-surgical thread lift, thread face lift, non-surgical face lift, fish net aesthetics, thread aesthetics.





In Which Areas Is A Thread Face Lift Applied?

Non-surgical thread lift is a procedure performed to collect the sagging skin and to give the skin a youthful and lively appearance. It has different applications such as thread face lift, thread neck lift, thread forehead lift, thread rhinoplasty (nose tip lifting with thread), eyebrow lifting with thread (eyebrow suspension with thread), cheek lifting and stretching with thread, prominent ear aesthetics with thread. Although the basic approach is the same in all of them, there may be various differences.






How is a Non-Surgical Thread Lift and Suspension Procedure Performed?


In the thread face lift application, first of all, the problem areas in the person must be determined and the treatment process must be determined. The determined points are drawn with a pencil and it is decided where the ropes will be placed. After the skin surface is cleaned, the threads are placed under the skin with the help of cannulas. This placement is done in the form of a net to provide a hanging effect and to eliminate sagging. This is the reason why thread facial rejuvenation is also called spider web aesthetics. With the placed ropes, both lifting, pulling up (lifting) and stretching effects are realised.




Threads Used in Thread Face Lifting Application?

The threads used in spider web aesthetics are surgical threads. Therefore, they do not cause any harm to the body. It is possible to perform the process with straight threads and awn threads.

PDO threads (polydioxanone threads) are threads that have been used in surgeries for many years and have the property of dissolving under the skin over time. The average permanence of thread facelift procedures performed with PDO threads is 6 months. However, apart from hanging and stretching, the effect of collagen under the skin can continue for several years. PDO threads are widely used in various treatments such as removing forehead wrinkles around the eyes, eyebrow lifting, nose tip lifting, under eye area, nasolabial lines, neck lines, arm sagging.

The effect period of the threads called spring threads can last for 3 to 5 years. These threads are also widely used, especially in implant surgery. The structure of Silhouette soft threads is in the form of double-sided cones on them. V-lift are threads that are used in the process called face lifting and create a lifting effect, that is, a lifting effect. We can say that the duration of the effect is approximately 1.5 years. These threads also provide a collagen effect.



Who Can Have a Thread Face Lift?

Permanent thread face lift is an operation that anyone can do, and it is an operation that is preferred mainly after the age of 30. Not recommended for those under the age of 18.

People who do not have hormonal or allergic problems, who do not have pregnancy or breastfeeding, who do not take various medications and whom the doctor deems appropriate can apply to the rope hanging method. The greatest candidates are patients who have problems such as sagging on the face and aging-related skin to have a non-taut appearance. It does not provide a natural appearance to people who do not have sagging problems.

These are spreading rapidly in fields such as aesthetic medicine, orthopaedics, non-healing wound treatment. In the near future, it is expected that many scientific studies on the use of PRP in the treatment of chronic pain, tendon injuries and rheumatic complaints will be published.

How Long Does Non-Surgical Thread Rejuvenation Take?


The duration may vary depending on the situation, but it takes 20-25 minutes for local anaesthetic creams to take effect, and the procedure takes about 30-35 minutes on average. Therefore, we can say that it takes about 1 hour in total.




Thread Face Lift Effect Duration and Permanence

After the threads are placed under the skin and the procedure is completed, the first effects can be observed. Over time the effect will settle down better. Permanence in spider web aesthetics differs. At this point, both the depth of the person's problem and the threads used in the treatment process are important. Permanence in the thread face lift process is not life-long, but after the effects disappear, a re-session can be made.

Facial Rejuvenation with Threads Risks and Side Effects


The risk of complications in the non-surgical thread lift procedure is almost non-existent. Apart from this, minor redness and swelling that may occur after the application also go away on their own within a week or so.

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