Dental Treatment

Zirconium Crowns

Zirconium Crowns
Surgery Time

Surgery Time

1 – 3 Hours


Local Anesthesia
Hospital Stay

Hospital Stay

2 Hours




Why is Zirconium Crown Veneer Done?

Zirconium crown coating application;

Correction of broken teeth

Supporting and covering teeth with excessive substance loss,

Improvement of teeth with advanced discoloration,

It can be applied for purposes such as combining split teeth and obtaining an aesthetic appearance.



How is Zirconium Crown Veneer Made?

As in all applications affecting dental aesthetics, zirconium crown application should be planned for the patient. While shaping the crown, the shape and size of the tooth to be treated should be taken into account; At the same time, the face shape should be evaluated in order to make the person's smile perfect.We take into account all the variables that affect the quality of service we will provide to our patients during our zirconium crown veneer applications, and we share our expertise in crown veneer applications with our patients.


Before a zirconium crown can be made, patients must first be examined. In this process, basic data for zirconium crown shaping are obtained. For the initial examination and completion of the preparations, approximately 2-3 sessions of examination are applied. In order to be able to wear a crown, the tooth to which the application will be made is shaped, when the shaping process is completed, the temporary crown; In the next examination, a permanent zirconium crown is placed.




What are the Advantages of Zirconium Crowns?

The advantages of zirconium crowns, which have been the first choice of those who want to have a crown in recent years, can be listed as follows:

Zirconium crowns have high light transmittance and offer a natural appearance.
Zirconium crowns do not have metal parts that come into contact with the gums, so people can have a brighter smile.
Zirconium crowns do not cause allergies.
Zirconium crown veneers maintain their aesthetic appearance even if the gums are receded.
Zirconium crowns are very durable; Unlike porcelain crowns, there is no danger of breakage.
One of the most obvious advantages of zirconium crowns is their aesthetic superiority.

We always offer our patients the most advanced technologies and the healthiest materials. If you want to make a new start due to deformations, fractures and losses in your teeth, you can contact us for detailed information about our zirconium crown application.

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