Why you should visit Izmir for your health

Izmir is known as the pearl of the Aegean and every year, it hosts millions of visitors, not only from Turkey, but from all over the world.

Izmir is one of the most known and preferred touristic centers of the Aegean, especially in Europe with direct flights from big cities of the European countries.

Currently, the number of cities with direct flights to İzmir is 69 and this number is increasing day by day.

Health Tourism In Izmir has gained more importance in recent years

In recent years, İzmir has become one of the major centers of the world in health tourism.

Every year a large number of our guests come to Izmir from different countries and receive treatment services.

Our foreign guests find the opportunity to visit this charming city and the beauties around it.

With the importance of health tourism in Turkey, the service and the quality provided in this sector have also increased. As in other big cities of Turkey, today, many hospitals and clinics in İzmir offer world-class healthcare services.

Our vision as Feman Clinic

Feman Clinic was established to provide high quality services in all areas concerning our health.

With our center in Izmir and our professional team, we work to ensure that not only our visitors from different parts of Turkey, but also our foreign friends living in different countries of the world receive high-level treatment and feel at home during the treatment process.

We make sure that our patients get efficient treatments from well-known phycisians in Izmir's prominent health centers.

As Feman Clinic we are determined make all kinds of arrangements before our guests' visits.

How does it work, how do we serve you?

  • First of all, when you reach us from our website, we listen to you about the treatment you want to receive, and we provide you with detailed information about the treatment services that will be offered by our specialists.
  • When we agree on the treatment program, we set your travel date together with you, make an appointment with the doctors and complete your hotel reservation.
  • When the day of travel arrives, we meet you and those traveling with you from the airport and transfer you to the hotel.
  • When your appointment day comes, we accompany you during your visit to the hospital and start your treatment with your doctor.
  • In this process, before or after the treatment, we welcome you in a special cultural program in Izmir and its surroundings, the pearl of the Aegean. 
  • When the treatment process is comleted we send you off from the airport with our VIP service.

If You Want Us To Serve you, You Can Always Contact Us.

As Feman Clinic, we have supported many people with their health-related problems and implemented effective treatment methods to regain their health.

If you want to learn what kind of solutions we can offer you, please write to us, and we will get in touch with you and tell how we can help you.

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