EECP - Natural Bypass

EECP - Natural Bypass


What is a Coronary Artery?
Coronary artery is the general name describing the arteries that surround the heart organ and feed the heart muscle. Coronary arteries, which are the first branches of the aorta coming out of the heart, are two in number, right and left. The left main coronary artery consists of two branches that go anterior and posterior to the heart. Thus, there are three main coronary artery systems.


What is Collateral Circulation?
There are many small diameter vessels located between the coronary arteries. In this system, which is defined as collateral circulation; The blood that will be delivered to the tissues of the coronary arteries that need to be supplied with adequate blood is carried. In some cases, small veinlets develop to provide blood flow from healthy arteries to tissues that cannot receive blood. This network of veins is called collateral circulation. Biologically, the formation of the collateral network is a rather slow process. People with heart disease do not have time to wait for the formation of the collateral network, and without any external support, the collateral network cannot develop sufficiently in these patients.

What is Angina Pectoris?
Angina Pectoris; It is defined as chest pain among the people and this is seen as the most common symptom of coronary artery disease. Most of the patients suffering from angina pectoris; severe chest pain problem is experienced as a result of physical and mental stress. The symptoms accompanying this problem are usually; shortness of breath, indigestion, dizziness, fatigue and pain in the chest, arm, neck and jaw.






What is Heart Failure?
Contrary to popular belief, heart failure is not a disease but a syndrome. In this syndrome, as a result of the abnormality in the functions of the heart organ, the blood needed to the tissues is not pumped or there is insufficient pressure. Patients experiencing this syndrome; shortness of breath and swelling in the ankles. The patient cannot continue his normal life.





What is EECP?
EECP, which is widely used in the USA in the treatment of coronary artery diseases and heart failure, and which has been used in our country in recent years, is very comfortable for patients. It is an advantageous and long-lasting treatment method that does not carry any risk factors and does not require an interventional procedure and hospitalization.

Coronary heart diseases are the most common and one of the leading causes of death all over the world. EECP treatment plays an active role in preventing vital events such as heart attack, heart failure and death as a result of this process.

EECP therapy; It is based on the discipline of widening the coronary vessels and their thin end branches and forming the collateral circulation network between these branches. Thus, in patients with vascular occlusion or narrowing of the vessels, the nutrition of the heart is regulated and symptoms such as chest pain, fatigue, shortness of breath or palpitations are prevented. At the same time, the risk of heart attack is reduced and the quality of life of the patient is significantly improved.

As a result of the studies carried out, the effect of EECP treatment has been proven to last for 5 years in 88% of the patients. In this treatment method, which lasts 1 hour a day for 35 days, patients can continue their daily lives after the treatment.

EECP Therapy is approved by the FDA for use in the treatment of Heart Failure, Stable Angina, Unstable Angina, Cardiogenic Shock, Acute Myocardial Infarction. The Device used in EECP Treatment has CE Certificate, ISO and other approval documents.

How is EECP Treatment Applied?
The patient who will be treated with EECP is treated for 1 hour a day, 5 to 6 days a week for 35 days. There is no pain or feeling of pain during the treatment process. At the same time, it is a very safe treatment method as it does not contain any risk factors. There is no intervention such as an interventional procedure or injection during the treatment, and patients can spend this process reading books and listening to music.

How Does the EECP Machine Work and What Is the Purpose of Treatment?
EECP device; It consists of patient treatment table, control console, air compressor and 3 pairs of cuffs. The cuffs are wrapped around the patient's lower legs, upper legs and hips. The patient depends on the ECG throughout the treatment process. In addition, systolic and diastolic pressures are monitored with finger plethysmogram application. During diastole, the cuffs inflate by filling with air. As a result, the blood flow to the heart increases and the heart muscle is fed. During systole, the cuffs descend and reduce the load on the heart. The increase in blood flow in the coronary vessels and the chronic pressure increase on the vessel walls, the pressure difference between the vascular bed causes the capillary network to expand, and thus the collateral circulatory system provides a healthy nutrition to the area where the heart is malnourished.

How Effective Is EECP?
a healthy heart; functional in the balance between oxygen consumption and oxygen supply. Oxygen consumption is correlated with heart rate and pumping. However, oxygen supply is related to blood flow. In this process, 80% of the blood reaching the heart muscle is in the relaxation phase of the heart. In this process, EECP treatment causes a natural By-Pass and new blood vessels are formed and the heart muscle can be fed.

Which Patients Is It Applied To?
The patients who can be treated with EECP are as follows;

In cases where vascular occlusion develops again in patients who have previously undergone By-Pass wire / cage treatment
Other treatment methods have been applied, but the complaints continue.
The vascular structure is not suitable for surgical intervention.
risky to operate
Refusal to be treated with balloon, stent or surgery
with heart failure
The patients for whom EECP treatment would be inconvenient are as follows;

Those who have undergone By-Pass surgery in the last 3 months
at risk of having a clot in your body
with non-healing wounds on their legs
with severe aortic regurgitation
Uncontrolled high blood pressure
Pregnant or likely to be pregnant

What Are the Benefits of EECP Treatment?
Although the EECP method provides a very comfortable process, it also has many direct and indirect benefits for heart health. The benefits of EECP treatment can be listed as follows;

It increases blood flow to the heart.
During the relaxation process of the heart, it provides more oxygen to reach the heart.
In the process of pumping the blood in the legs towards the heart, the amount of blood filled to the heart as well as the vital organs such as kidney and brain provide blood flow without putting additional burden on the heart.
The workload of the heart decreases and its performance increases.
It helps to form a new blood vessel network around damaged or clogged blood vessels.
It reduces and completely eliminates chest pain.
It reduces the formation of lactic acid. Thus, muscle fatigue is prevented.
In patients with heart failure, the heart muscle is strengthened and the flow of oxygenated blood to the heart is provided.
It reduces the risk of heart attack.
It increases the patient's quality of life.
Its effect continues even years after the treatment process.

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