Surgery Time

Surgery Time

30 Minutes


Topical Anesthesia
Hospital Stay

Hospital Stay

Recovery Time

Recovery Time

1 Week



It is a treatment method applied to people who do not have sufficient corneal tissue for laser treatment in myopia, hypermetropia and astigmatism eye problems or whose eyeglasses are above the laser correction limits.




How is the treatment done?

The eye is anesthetized with drop anesthetic.

With the application under the microscope, a gelatin-consistent lens is injected just behind the pupil. No tissue or piece is removed from the eye.

The natural lens inside the eye is not removed. This lens is injected into the anterior part of the eye only.

During the surgery, the natural lens of the eye is preserved and the artificial lens is placed in such a way that it does not touch it.




To Whom Is It Applied?

The operation is performed on patients older than 18 years of age who do not have glaucoma, retinal diseases and cataracts. It is also applied to patients with high degree of eye impairment.




Can Astigmatism Be Corrected?

Astigmatism can also be corrected with lenses compatible with astigmatism.

Advantages of Intraocular Contact Lens

In the use of glasses and contact lenses, thick glasses and contact lenses that need to be put on and taken off every day reduce patient comfort.

This lens, which is placed in the eye, can be removed at the request of the patient.

Since the cornea structure is not touched, it protects the structure.

The lens placed in the eye is transparent and can stay in the eye for a lifetime in harmony with the eye tissue.

These lenses placed in the eye are not visible when viewed from the outside and the presence of the lens in the eye is not felt by the patient.



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