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In certain parts of the world, people can live longer and healthier without all these opportunities and technologies for health. This subject has attracted the attention of many researchers and these people have been studied. These people live by catching diseases such as colds, flu, allergies and cancer very rarely.


How do these people live so long and healthy?

The common point in all; Nutrition with high-quality, natural foods with high nutritional value, living in a toxin-free environment, a lifestyle with plenty of exercise or high activity, sufficient sleep in quality time, sunlight, fresh fresh air and a lifestyle with low stress, family and social relations.

They irrigate the fields with water rich in minerals, use all organic materials to improve soil quality. No unnatural additives. If the soils become poor, the products grown from these soils become foods with low nutritional value. When you feed on these, you cannot make enough energy and contribution to your cells. Refined foods are not found in these societies. Flour, sugar, they do not use. Their food is low in fat. They consume most of their food raw and fresh. There are no toxic substances in food production that contaminate food. Both environmental pollution and pesticides used, insect fungicides and parasites are not available here.

They work their land and walk everywhere, so they get plenty of exercise. Since there is no artificial lighting, they allocate enough time to sleep. They sleep with the sunset and wake up with the sunrise.

Many changes we have made in modern societies have taken us away from health-enhancing factors and created new conditions that are detrimental to health. modern life; completely changed his diet. He created a new environment. He developed new behavior and lifestyle patterns.

We must make healthy choices in order to keep our cells free of toxins and for our cells to heal themselves and be strong. The lifestyle changes I have described are very difficult for all of us and for all of us to achieve in modern society. However, it is important that we keep our energy high by shopping with this awareness, increasing movement and sports, making enough sleep and keeping our energy high. We should be aware of the fact that we are exposed to less toxins as much as we can and protect ourselves with better quality foods.

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