Cardiovascular Surgery

Minimally Invasive Cardiovascular Surgery

Minimally Invasive Cardiovascular Surgery
Surgery Time

Surgery Time

1 – 3 Hours


General Anesthesia
Hospital Stay

Hospital Stay

5 - 7 Days
Recovery Time

Recovery Time

2 - 3 Months


Minimally invasive surgery, as a closed method, is a concept that refers to operations performed with small incisions. It is an open surgical approach with minimally invasive surgery. It is aimed to enter with minimally invasive small incisions. Apart from this, the necessary interventions for treatment are applied in both cases depending on the condition and scope of the problem. It is brought back to life after surgery, to be received with minimally invasive surgeries.

What is Minimally Invasive Heart Surgery?
Minimally Invasive heart surgery refers to heart surgeries performed with small incisions without splitting the chest, which is known as the closed method among the people. Carrying out heart surgery with minimal incisions means performing both heart valve replacement and coronary bypass surgeries while the heart is operating, without disturbing the integrity of the chest wall, that is, without performing a cleavage of the chest called sternotomy, by entering between the ribs from the sides of the chest. Each has its own techniques. For heart valves, heart surgery is performed with minimal incisions under the right armpit. In coronary bypass surgeries, bypass surgery is performed with small 7-8 cm incisions under the breast if it is a single vein according to the number of vessels. Sometimes, when there are two veins, two vein bypass surgery can be performed from the right side and the left side, again under the armpit.

It is possible to intervene in the heart valve and some cardiovascular problems with the help of a catheter by entering through the groin without making any incisions. In addition, heart valve surgeries and bypass surgery can be performed with small 4-5 cm incisions under the armpit, under the breast, and from the outer fold of the breast. After the necessary tests, analyzes and evaluations for these surgeries, the patient's suitability is determined and the most appropriate surgical method is decided by the specialist physician. However, with robotic surgery, some procedures can be performed without incision.

What are the Advantages of Minimally Invasive Cardiac Surgery?

Cardiac surgeries performed with minimally invasive surgery provide some advantages both during and after surgery. The advantages of minimally invasive heart surgery include:

Since the incision is smaller, there is less bleeding during the surgery and the risk of complications is lower.
Since there is no surgical scar on the front of the chest, it provides a good aesthetic appearance and does not adversely affect the patient psychologically.
It prevents tissue damage that may occur while reaching the heart.
The risk of complications and infection is low.
It does not pose a problem to the patient in cases that require a second heart surgery.
Since the heart-lung machine is not used, the risk of complications that may occur in other organs is prevented.
It allows the patient to be discharged earlier.
The patient can return to his daily life earlier and does not cause any problems in his social and sexual life.
The patient does not have to lie on his back after the surgery, he can lie in any position he wants.
The patient can drive and wear a seat belt.
The patient does not have to protect the chest.
The patient does not face any limitation of movement, can swim and lift heavy.





Who Is Minimally Invasive?
Minimally invasive heart surgery can generally be applied to all patients in heart valve replacements and coronary bypass surgeries. However, triple coronary bypass may not be applicable when three or more vessels need to be replaced, and when coronary bypass surgery with a heart valve is required. In addition, it may not be possible to perform surgery with minimal incisions in patients with advanced lung disease.

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