Dental Treatment


Surgery Time

Surgery Time

1 – 3 Hours


Local Anesthesia
Hospital Stay

Hospital Stay

2 Hours
Recovery Time

Recovery Time

12-24 Months





When is Orthodontic Treatment Necessary?

Damage to chewing functions of patients due to structural disorders in the chin or jaws,
The jawbones are more forward or backward than necessary,
Jaw development disorders,
Experiencing breathing problems due to incompatibilities in the jaw and tooth structures,
The presence of crooked jawbone as a result of traumas or operations,
Distortion and inconsistency in the positions of the teeth,
In cases such as aesthetic concerns due to the jaw and tooth structure, it may be necessary to apply for orthodontic treatments.




How Are Orthodontic Treatments Performed?

Orthodontic treatments can be performed in different ways, including fixed, mobile and bracketless. Which orthodontic treatment method will be preferred may vary according to the patient.

Within the scope of fixed orthodontic treatment, brackets made of various materials are placed on the teeth. Wires are passed through the brackets placed on the front or back of the tooth, and the treatment process is started. Fixed orthodontic treatment is the most commonly applied and best known orthodontic treatment method.

Within the scope of removable orthodontic treatment, instead of fixed brackets, help is obtained from appliances that the patients can put on and take off on their own. Within the scope of removable orthodontic treatment, which is applied to widen the jaw, perform simple tooth movements or habituate fixed orthodontic treatment, assistance is obtained from corrective plaques, functional devices, reinforcement and expansion devices.

It is not always necessary to use braces in orthodontic treatments. With Invisalign, known as digital orthodontic treatment technology, transparent plaques called aligners, which are produced according to the teeth of the patients, can be used. With this treatment, while the crookedness of the teeth is corrected, no signs of treatment are observed in terms of aesthetics.



What are the Benefits of Orthodontic Treatments?

Orthodontics, as it is used among the people, offers numerous benefits, and the biggest advantage of orthodontic treatment is the correction of the teeth and jaw structure of the person. After successful and fully planned orthodontic treatments, the person gets an aesthetically beautiful smile and can therefore get rid of self-confidence deficiencies.

With orthodontic treatment, the person can get rid of breathing problems. In particular, the health and quality of life of patients with dangerous disorders such as sleep apnea are improved.

Since the teeth are corrected with orthodontic treatment, oral and dental care can be performed literally. Teeth can be brushed more effectively, so it is possible to get rid of food residues between the teeth and prevent dental caries.

If you want to correct the disorders in your jaw and tooth structure, you can get detailed information about orthodontic treatment processes and make a fresh start thanks to our experts. Remember, orthodontic treatments are not just for children or teenagers! Adults can have more aesthetic and more functional teeth with orthodontic treatment!

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