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Ozone Therapy

Ozone Therapy
Surgery Time

Surgery Time

30 – 60 Minutes
Hospital Stay

Hospital Stay

2 Hours




How Is Ozone Therapy Done?

Ozone Therapy. Approximately 100-150 cc of ozone is given to the patient's blood. The ozone-fermented blood is slowly reintroduced to the patient. Ozone reacts with substances that make up red and white blood cells, thereby accelerating metabolism. The process takes 20 minutes in total. One session per week is recommended. Doing 10 sessions is considered a cure. Depending on the need, this treatment is given as two or three sessions per week.

It is of great benefit to apply to people who have intense fatigue due to stress and those who suffer from spring fatigue. Since the human body is also a part of nature in the spring, the body enters the renewal process. Therefore, an inevitable fatigue occurs. Ozone Therapy, which will be applied in 5 sessions in spring and autumn, both relieves fatigue, increases the energy of the person and allows the body to be repaired quickly.




What are the Benefits of Ozone Therapy?

In addition to the benefits it provides against the immune system, stress and fatigue, Ozone Therapy is also beneficial in the following subjects:


It strengthens the immune system. It increases the metabolic rate. Provides anti-aging effect. Provides detox effect. It accelerates blood circulation. It creates a pain-relieving effect. Anti-carcinogenic effect It improves the quality of life. It is effective against the decrease in sexual performance that can be seen especially after the age of 40 in men. A serious increase in performance is observed after Ozone Therapy. Since it provides hormonal balance in women, it helps them get through menopause much more easily. It reduces the risk of heart attack due to its blood thinning effect. It is useful in stress-induced diabetes. It is a supportive treatment for weight loss as it accelerates the metabolism.






Can it be applied to everyone?

It is not recommended for people with bean allergy (Favism) and those who have had a severe acute infarction in the last 6 months. It can be applied to anyone except these two situations. However, it must be done under the supervision of a doctor. The physician adjusts the dose according to the needs of the patients. The dose varies according to the intended use. For this reason, it is a serious application that should be done by experienced physicians who know the treatment protocol.








Application Methods of Ozone Therapy

Known as the most common use in ozone therapy;

The “Major Method” is taking 50-200 ml of blood, mixing it with ozone, the dose of which is determined according to the treatment, and giving it to the person again.

In the method we call “Minor Method”; It is the method of taking 2 to 5 cc of blood from the person, mixing it with a determined dose of ozone and injecting it into the muscle.

In the ozone treatment method, which we call “subcutaneous”, ozone gas in a determined dose volume is injected under the skin with a fine-tipped needle.



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