Cardiovascular Surgery

Removal of Heart Tumors

Removal of Heart Tumors
Surgery Time

Surgery Time

3 - 4 Hours


General Anesthesia
Hospital Stay

Hospital Stay

5 - 7 Days
Recovery Time

Recovery Time

3 Months


They are mass structures that can be benign or malignant, originating from the heart or spreading from organs other than the heart. Abnormal growths in the heart or heart valve tissue are also called heart tumors.
 Tumors arising from the heart's own structure are called primary heart tumors. Primary heart tumor, that is, the tumor that occurs in the heart's own structure, is not a very common condition. Tumors that occur in the heart and are limited to the heart are primary tumors.
 In addition, tumors that arise in other organs of the body and spread to the heart are called secondary heart tumors. Tumors that originate in another part of the body and move to the heart are secondary tumors. Secondary heart tumor is 20% to 40% more common than primary heart tumor.
 Secondary heart tumors usually occur as a result of cancers in other organs such as lung cancer and stomach cancer spreading to the heart. This negatively affects the functioning of the heart.
 Approximately 75% of tumors found in the heart are benign. Heart tumors usually do not cause any symptoms. For this reason, it is beneficial to go to the heart doctor at least once a year and be examined.

What Are the Symptoms of a Heart Tumor?
The most common symptom of heart tumors is excessive fluid accumulation in the heart sac. Besides this;

Heart failure,

Swelling in the legs,

Shortness of breath,

Feeling tired,




High fever,

Small red spots on the skin,

Joint pain is also one of the most common symptoms of a heart tumor.

The diagnosis of primary heart tumors is much more difficult than the diagnosis of secondary heart tumors. Because primary heart tumors are rare cases, their diagnosis is more difficult because their symptoms are the same as those of other heart diseases. The definitive diagnosis of the disease is made by methods such as echocardiography, computed tomography, magnetic resonance imaging and biopsy.

When Should Surgery Be Done for a Heart Tumor?
The type and time of the surgery to be performed for the heart tumor; Since the general health status of the patient, the age of the patient, the type of the tumor, the size of the tumor and the location of the tumor will determine, it is necessary to get a doctor's advice on this subject. In addition, the patient should give up bad habits such as alcohol and smoking.

Removal of Heart Tumors
Surgical treatment of malignant tumors in the heart is performed by the operation to be performed. With the operation, the tumoral tissue in the area is removed.
During the operation, care is taken to remove the tumor as a single piece. If the base of the tumor is seated in the heart, the tumor is removed along with the wall where it sits. If the tumor is removed together with the wall on which it sits, the wall is repaired after the tumor is removed.

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