Surgery Time

Surgery Time

10-15 Minutes


Topical Anesthesia
Hospital Stay

Hospital Stay

Recovery Time

Recovery Time

3-5 Days



For Which Patients Is Smile Laser Treatment Applied?

Smile laser treatment is one of the personalized superficial laser treatments that we usually apply in eyes with thin corneas and not very high myopia and astigmatism. As a result of a detailed examination, Smile Laser treatment can be applied to people whose eye structure is found suitable for surgery by the doctor.

As a result of detailed examinations and tests, people whose eye structure is found suitable for surgery by the doctor can be treated with laser. It is a laser technology method that provides the opportunity to be treated up to -10 in myopia and up to -5 in astigmatism with the personalized bladeless SMILE laser method in the treatment of myopia and astigmatism. It is a suitable treatment method for athletes and occupational groups who are at risk of being exposed to impact and pressure.




How is Smile Laser Treatment Applied?

With Zeiss Visumax Femtosecond technology, a thin lenticule (disc-shaped tissue) is created in a single step within the front layer of the eye (cornea). There is no need to cut any flap (valve). Since no flap is created, corneal biomechanics is less affected.

What is the Difference of Smile Laser?

SMILE (Small Incision Lenticule Extraction) and No-Touch Laser technologies; In recent years, it has attracted attention as a treatment method for myopia and astigmatism. With these technologies, successful results are obtained in myopia and astigmatism problems and less dry eye problems occur after laser.







Why Smile Laser?

  • Treatment up to -10 in myopia and -5 in astigmatism
  • Protection in corneal biomechanics
  • Compatibility with thin corneal structure
  • Incisionless operation with closed surgical technique
  • One-stage surgery
  • safe recovery





The SMILE method provides a significant advantage over other methods in preserving the mechanical strength of the patient's cornea. This method is more advantageous especially for athletes, people with a busy work and education life. An important advantage for people who do sports is that the person can return to sports in a very short time after the treatment.

This treatment is a personalized non-contact laser using iris identification technology. With iris recognition, the rotation of the eye in its own axis can be calculated, this method enables us to treat astigmatism in the most accurate axis.





  • You can easily see your watch and your face in the mirror.
  • You can get a natural look and vision without glasses and lenses.
  • You can provide comfort and higher success in your sports activities.
  • You are less affected by climatic events such as wind and rain.
  • You can improve your quality of life by getting rid of the restrictions you experience in your daily activities because you cannot see clearly.
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